Bell, Banner & Gavel

Every club in Active 20-30 is issued a "club banner", a brass bell and a president's gavel. These are standard items that each club must maintain as an Active 20-30 club and must be used at all official club meetings. However, a tradition among many of the clubs is to make sure that no one "steals" these items from the meeting. Any member may attempt to steal one of these items during the meeting and then it is returned in some most unusual ways. Even members visiting from area clubs may attempt to steal one of these items.

Songs & Pledges

Many of the clubs begin each club meeting with a song or the Pledge of Allegiance and may end each meeting with a song as well.

Badges & Fines

When a person becomes a member of a club, they are issued an official name badge with their name and club name engraved. In many clubs, it is a requirement that each member wear their badge during the meeting. Some of our clubs have a good time during meetings whereby their President may issue fines for violations such as no name badge, excessive talking, not being able to introduce each member at their table, buying a new house or car, etc. These fines are usually taken in good humor and it makes the general meeting more exciting and humorous for all in attendance.

Other Traditions

Each new club is encouraged to create their own traditions which helps stimulate camaraderie within the club and helps the members begin to know each other not only at meetings

"I appreciate you." - Mike Snow

"You only get out of this club what you put into it." - George Dutton

If everyone does a little, no one has to do a lot." - Greg Hurd

"At 40, you leave the club, but the club never leaves you." - Michael Hyman

"If you give the club all you have, it will give you all you need." - Wayne Ingraham