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William “Bill” Laws

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Lieutenant Junior Grade William “Bill” Laws was born in San Jose on December 15, 1919. In 1942 after graduating from Santa Rosa Junior College, he started flight training at a civilian school in Nevada then to St. Mary’s for Pre-flight and on to Pensacola, Florida, to Corpus Christi, TX, San Diego and Alameda Air Station. Laws married his wife Shirley Ayers in December of 1943. He was assigned to the USS Hornet as a dive bomber. He was awarded the Navy Air Medal with a Gold Star (two total awards) for his participation in action against Japan in the Tokyo, Hachijo Jima, Iwo Jima and Kyushu areas. On March 19, 1945 during an attack on Kure, Japan he was shot down. His remains were never recovered. Lt. JG Laws was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross for his actions.


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