Marshall H Comstock

Marshall H Comstock

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December 3, 1923 – November 6, 1963

Marshall H Comstock, a Sonoma County attorney, died today in a Santa Rosa hospital of cancer. He was 39. He was the son of Sonoma County Superior Judge Hilliard Comstock. Last year he was an unsuccessful candidate for a municipal Judgeship in Santa Rosa. He leaves his widow and four children.

Marshall Comstock Cancer snuffed out the life of Marshall Comstock, 39, of Santa Rosa, son of Superior Court Judge Hilliard Comstock.

The Santa Rosa attorney died at approximately 6:30 this morning In a Santa Rosa hospital.

Comstock was a Navy Lieutenant in World War II. He ran against Municipal Court Judge A. F. Scheidecker last year, but was unsuccessful.

He leaves a wife Marrian and four children. Also surviving are two brothers, Harrison Comstock of Santa Rosa and Hilliard Comstock Jr. of Middletown, and two sisters, Mrs. Charles Sloat and Mrs. Martha Keegan, both of Santa Rosa. Funeral arrangements will be announced later.


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