Harvey Sullivan

Harvey Sullivan

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??? – July 01, 1993

Harvey Sullivan, retired Santa Rosa businessman, politician and man about town, died of heart failure at a Santa Rosa hospital. He was 87.

Sullivan and his brother, Austin, were partners in Keegan Bros., a men’s clothing store in downtown Santa Rosa for about 13 years before Harvey went into real estate in the late 1960s. Jim Sullivan, Harvey’s son, said the haberdashery was a leading men’s clothing store in Northern California for many years. Austin Sullivan continued to run the store until he sold it In 1973. Born in Santa Rosa, Harvey Sullivan was one of the founders of the Democratic Central Committee in Northern California, according to his son and brother. He also helped push for the control tower at the Sonoma County Airport, working with then Congressman Jack Shelley. He served as president of the Santa Rosa Chamber of Commerce in 1942. He spent 12 years on the Santa Rosa Board of Education. And he served as Santa Rosa City Treasurer for 10 years in the 1950s. “Harvey was interested In the city and the youth of the community,” said City Manager Kenneth Blackman, a neighbor of Sullivan’s on St Helena Avenue. “He was a strong supporter of downtown Santa Rosa. He also was one of the most upbeat people you’d ever run into.” Nearly blind and going deaf, Sullivan continued to be active and do a lot of walking until about three months ago, according to longtime friend Bob Weise of Santa Rosa. Weise once worked in real estate with Sullivan.


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