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Fred Thill

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Lester Fredrick Thill died at age 79 in Merrill, Ore., on Tuesday, March 20. 2007. After his long fight with cancer he finally fell asleep in death. Lester was loved by all. As one of Jehovah’s Witnesses he loved life and sharing the wonderful hope in the Bible with everyone he met. He looked forward to seeing Revelation 21:3, 4 fulfilled where death will be no more.

If you ever needed his help he was there; a loyal friend to the end. The best husband and daddy any family could have. He was an Operating Engineer for over 50 years. He loved operating heavy equipment and making sure it was level right down to the end. He taught himself to play the violin and encouraged others to join in. He loved all his children and always made sure to go and see them. He loved motorcycle riding with his boys; a true kid at heart. He always believed if you kept learning new things it would keep your mind young. He always had a kind smile and warm heart. We will truly miss him.

He is survived by his wife, Justine, four daughters: Tina, Heidi, Hannah and Sarah. Five sons: Larry, Danny, Freddie, Timmy, Paul and lots of grandchildren and great-grandchildren. He is preceded in death by his sons Terry and Tommy.


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