Elie L Destruel

Elie L Destruel

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Elie L Destruel passed away October 12, 1979 at the age 75 years in Santa Rosa, CA.

Husband of Emily A. Destruel of Santa Rosa, brother of Laura Destruel of Santa Rosa, father of Jean Destruel of Santa Rosa. Jeanette Tochini of Mill Valley, grandfather of Randy and Kevin and Suzanne Destruel, all of Santa Rosa. Cynthia. Cory, Leo. and Dan Jr. Tochini, all of Mill Valley.

A member of the Santa Rosa Country Club, the Merchants’ Exchange of San Francisco, Past President and Member of the Santa Rosa Chamber of Commerce, past member of the Planning Department, the Santa Rosa Rotary Club, and Founding Member & Past President of the Active 20-30 Club of Santa Rosa #50.

President of the Mead Clark Lumber Co.




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